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“7th Anniversary Show”

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“7th Anniversary Show”

September 2016
Anniversary Show

Curator’s Statement 
Written by Steve Sherrell 

Water Street Studios is proud to present our 7th Anniversary Exhibition. I was the judge of the First Anniversary Exhibition and I find myself now as the curator of this 7th exhibition. I am honored to be a part of such a noble institution and be able to help present exemplary artistic achievements in Batavia.

If it is not obvious, this is a show dedicated to the artists who have been and are now affiliated with Water Street Studios. We are a community art center at heart, with our goal to be a resource to Batavia and the surrounding communities. But we also serve a larger area in that we are part of the larger Chicago art community.

I have been an exhibiting artist in the Chicago scene for forty plus years, and one thing I’ve learned is that Chicago is a big city in some ways and a small town in others, particularly in the arts. Wherever I go, I run into people I’ve known for years. Water Street Studios is part of that larger hometown group of artists.

When I first talked with Rebecca Allen about possibly joining Water Street, I said that my goal would be to first bring artists from the immediate vicinity into or back into the fold. Since WSS is a community art center, I felt that this was priority one. But just being a local center is not enough. My second goal was to begin to bring artists in from the larger metropolitan area of Dupage, Kendall, Will, McHenry and Dekalb Counties and from there expanding out to the greater Chicago Metropolitan area.  This begins to establish Water Street as a regional art center.  This will put Water Street in a great position with the goal of showing the best of regional and national art as well as some international exposure, while still being dedicated to our local artists. In this way, we all win.

In the many years I’ve exhibited, there are few galleries as well fitted as Water Street. This is an amazing space. In the now 8th show I’ve hung here, I keep remarking to myself on how versatile and well suited this space is for presenting art. This is due to the hard work of many, many people; some still affiliated with Water Street and some who have moved on. It is also because of all the great artists who have hung here. The Hyde Park Art Center, the oldest such space in Chicago, has been in operation since 1939, 77 years.  Let’s try to establish such a strong presence that Water Street Studios will still be here in 2086.

The following artists all participated in the “7th Anniversary Show” at Water Street Studios:

Carolyn Abramofsky, Lane Allen, Richard Anderson, Erica Baran Fasano, Greta Bell, Victoria Belz, Mary Bookwalter, Kerri Ann Branson, Keri Joy Colestock, Dana Collins, Kathie Collinson, Christopher Cudworth, Richard DeVeau, Joseph Gagnepain, Brian Grebner, Rita Grendze, Jesse Howard, Darius Hurley, Robert Kameczura, Katherine Kratzer, Kari Kraus, Laura Lein-Svencner, Jack Magurany, Jim Manos, Tia McCarthy, Mary McHugh, Janice Meister, Joe Milosevich, Michele Norman, Courtney Panzer, Brad Pogatetz, Reza Rafiei Rad, Kai Schulte, Georgia Schwender, Steve Sherrell, Robin Stephens, Jeffery Walsma, Noah Wandrey, David Wensel, Joshua Wesey, Christine Willett, LouAnn Wukitsch, Lisa Youngdahl , Ana Zanic

Best of Show awarded to Rita Grendze

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