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“Collaborations & More” by Sergio Gomez and Mario Gonzalez, Jr.

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“Collaborations & More” by Sergio Gomez and Mario Gonzalez, Jr.

“Collaborations & More” by Sergio Gomez and Mario Gonzalez, Jr. 

Curator’s statement

Written by Steve Sherrell

Water Street Studios is proud to have the opportunity to exhibit the work of two of Chicago’s premier artists, Sergio Gomez and Mario Gonzalez Jr., or Zore, which is his Graffiti name. Both artists have exhibited locally, nationally and internationally for many years and are regarded as two of Chicago’s bright stars.

A few years back, Sergio and Mario decided to do some collaborative artwork. They are both involved deeply with the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago and became fascinated by the collaborative process used by the Zhou Brothers to make large scale artwork. The collaborative process is best thought of like improvisational jazz, with the artists improvising and riffing off of what the other is doing. The large pieces in the main gallery are done this way. There are also abundant versions of each artist’s individual work in the gallery.

All of the pieces exhibited in some way or another use mixed media processes in their construction. There are all sorts of interesting uses of media in the show, Look closely at each piece to try to determine what you are looking at. Sometimes things are painted and covered up, hidden and then brought back. Some things bleed through. Is it marker? Spray paint? Charcoal? Painted with a brush, roller? Think about the artist’s methods and materials and you will be rewarded with a rich intellectual experience.

Exhibition is on display February 10-March 5, 2017






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