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Artist Collective Group Show

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Artist Collective Group Show

Artist Collective Group Show 

March 10th – April 9th 

Curator’s Statement by Steve Sherrell

This exhibit highlights the artists who belong to the Water Street Studios Artist’s Collective. The Collective was formed last year as a way to build community at Water Street Studios. Water Street has as one of its goals to gather artists to help and support one another in their pursuit of quality. It offers a group of professional artists a place to call home and show off their work.

Collective Galleries, Alternative spaces, Cooperative galleries have things in common. They are generally artist run spaces. I have been involved with three in my career. West Hubbard Gallery, Collective 33 Gallery and now with WSSAC. The Water Street collective is different than most in that we exist under the auspices of an already existing structure. This makes the collective unique. It also takes most of the burden of keeping the bills paid out of artist’s hands, which of course we artists love.

The artists in the collective are gathered to form a diverse group rather that coming together based on a style or genre of art. There are probably some connections one could make from the artists who are part of the group, but the group does not have that as a goal. We are interested in the quality of the work and the artist’s desire to be a part of a group. We are unlike a commercial gallery in that we are not dependent on sales. Many very good artists do not sell much work so they have trouble finding homes in commercial galleries.

I hope you enjoy the show. Do not hesitate to ask questions of the artists or gallery. There are many interesting stories that can be told.

The opening reception for the Water Street Collective Group Show will be held on March 10th, from 6-to-9 pm. Featuring work in the Dempsey Family Gallery by:

Mary Bookwalter
Sherri Denault
Richard DeVeau
Lisa Goesling
Laura Lein-Svencner
Kathy McDonald
Janice Meister
Joe Milosevich
Colin Sherrell
Steve Sherrell
Margie Sula
Carol Weber
David Wensel

Upstairs in the Kane County Chronicle Gallery: Assemblages by Anton Witek.


Dempsey Family Gallery and Kane County Chronicle Gallery exhibits will be available to view during public hours: Friday, 1-9 p.m.; and Saturday and Sunday, 12 to 4 p.m. through April 8.

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