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Maker-Space Subscriptions

Print Lab
Clay lab
Metal lab

As a community for artists and makers who explore, make, share and collaborate, Water Street Studios in Batavia is pleased to offer a studio Maker-Space Subscription Program.

This opportunity allows resident artists, Water Street Studios members and students access to designated spaces with specialized equipment and facilities. The Maker-space studios include PrintLab, ClayLab, and MetalLab.

The Maker-Space Program caters to self-directed and established artists. It works in tandem with Water Street Studios’s publicly offered workshops and classes. After orientation and authorization, Maker Subscribers are granted 24/7 access to the program spaces.

maker-space at water street studios

Price of Subscriptions:

  • 1 YEAR: $500
  • 6 MONTHS: $300
  • 3 MONTHS: $180
  • 1 MONTH: $75

How to purchase a Maker Space subscription:

  1. APPLICATIONApply for a subscription online. There is no cost at this step.
  2. INTERVIEW: You will be contacted by the Maker Space manager for an interview and/or orientation to make sure you are a good fit for this program.
  3. DEPOSIT: Payment is made to the manager and contracts are signed. A $100 deposit is also required for each lab. This will be returned at the end of your subscription as long as no equipment is damaged or missing.
  4. ORIENTATION: All subscribers must attend an orientation for the space held by the Maker-Space manager to ensure full understanding of the equipment and policies.